Upload a digital photo (JPG/JPEG):

Once your photograph is uploaded (or transloaded), you can use it over and over to test out different templates without having to reupload a new photo each time. When you upload a new photo, it will overwrite any other photos you have uploaded.

Instant photo from webcam:

Visit HERE and when you have the perfect pose, hit the "Save" button (bottom right) and after a bit of processing, you will be able to download your instant photograph (save to desktop temporarily). Now you will have a brand new recent photograph of yourself to upload here!

Import photo from web:

No photos to upload? Try a template where you only have to change the text phrase/caption: www.TXT2PIC.com.

Try out the image generator tools below with a default image or upload your own above!

Uploaded files are saved as your IP address (only matching IPs can see this photo, this makes it so no one ele can see your image). They are automatically deleted every few hours (even your saved file).

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