Free online image processing tool and special effects generator.

2 Choices For Adding Text Captions to Photographs:

ADD TTF TEXT: This version uses TTF font files (over 250 fonts) which produces more of a crisp text message. 250 colors to choose from. This one is a bit easier to use but not as pretty text. Change the shadow color, change the transparency, change the angle, change the sizes, set the exact text area (you choose the X, Y, height and width coordinates simply using your mouse, now the text shouldn't cross those rectangular boundaries), line spacing, paragraph alignments (align left/right/middle/center/bottom/top) and many more features (too many to list, bit overwhelming, but thorough). This is the suggest tool for customizing text in signs (sign generator tool, we use this to help prelayout templates on or products (image generators) where you have a blank area (photochop it before uploading).

ADD 3D TEXT: Add neat text messages and saying to your photos. Over 300 cool text effect styles to select from (some semitransparent). You can change the sizing and spacings of both lines and characters (even overlap letters/numbers). Text is aligned to the left, to manually adjust alignments, you will have to add spaces before/after words until you find a suitable placement (bit of a pain). This tool lacks some adjustment features, but it's text special effects makes up for it.

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