This online image processing tool is intended to be used with large JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF files as the results generated are approximately 600X400 pixels wide (or 400X600, 500x500, larger than basic clipart graphics) and no larger than 512KB (my digital camera makes 800X600 px photographs at 400-500KB in size). If you use an image that is smaller than 300 to 400 pixels wide or tall, you may notice too much pixelization as your photo will be stretched to suit these tools (these web based applications are intended for higher resolution photographs from digital cameras, not standard cliparts). Like zingfu, pikipimp
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Simply upload a photo, choose freebie digital scrapbook layout, add some text and then save! It's totally free! Put your photo in fun templates like snow globes, wanted poster, magazine covers, digital scrapbooking templates, kids themes, road sign generators, billboard signs, product labels, flames of fire, baby shower/announcements (boy/girl), mystical crystal balls, happy holiday greetings, wedding layouts, antique parchemnt styles, fake stamps, polaroid effect, scrapbooker graphics, etc Add bubbles for text messages (and thought bubbles), cartoonify your photos.
Add movie actors/actresses, chartoon characters, famous people, monsters, gaming figures, dolls, robot androids, aliens and other humanoids. Make a NOVELTY mag cover with your photo (magazines like ESPN, vogue, new yorker, esquire, cosmopolitan, photoshop, TV guide, surf mag, playboy, sports illustrated, rollingstone, time weekly, people, mad, world poker tour, golf golfing, wired, national geographic, playboy, mens adventure, boy scouts, artists, gay man of the year, people, time, playboy, hello gossip, rolling stone, chemistry, sports illustrated, time, vogue, atari analog computing, fortune, playboy). SO MUCH FUN! Add items to your photo like an Oscar Award, guns, money, computer hardware and other gadgets (iphone, MP3 players, laptops).
Put your mugshot in the spot where the face goes, give yourself a humourous body and have a fun laugh!
Post customized messages on your images, 3D text styles or simple fots (over 250 fonts).
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Upload a digital photo to add fun effects and novelty layouts. We have over 2,500 templates for your digital photographs! Make it look like you had your photograph taken with a celebrity or add some goofy props to spice up your photos. Give yourself an award (upload your photo, add award props like Emmy and Oscar awards) or just add a silly hat to your photographs. Make your images fun for scrapbooks and other craft projects (good enough quality to print on home printers). Touch up those boring photos before you email copies to family members. Add frames around pictures and border themes to add some photo realistic life to them. Spice up photos before uploading them to digital frames or creating photo CDs/DVDs. Create custom captions for all you photos! As far as photo printing goes, creations are fine for 4"x6" postcard sized photo prints at say WalMart, but not high enough resolutions to print professional 8"x10" or 5"x6" photos (average size of printable image is 600X400 pixels in size so please use uploaded images that are comparable in size). See some recent creations HERE (auto deletion every 3 hours, temporary files).

COMING VERY SOON: Live webcam interaction and manipulation (even movement/motion sensing games in the works), see a DEMO/BETA/TEST projects on

Here is a DEMONSTRATION VIDEO (large 5MB FLV video may take a minute to start, once loaded you can rewind and play over) that will help you with using our most popular tools to make photo cards, magazines, fun templates, face here and scrapbooking (demo uses the Face Here tool, but all have same drag and drop editor). We will be making more demos soon for the other tools...

Never before has such a vast photography tool been offered for FREE and no sign-ups (no catches, no applicaton installs, no spyware, no popups, no spam, notta)! No software to download, all processing is done on our professional Dell servers (costing us thousands of dollars and you nothing) and all you need is a web browser (and internet access of course) to use these free web tools (would cost over $500 to buy several installable computer versions of software to do the similar things)! No software known to mankind comes with this many templates (we already have over 1,000 photo fun templates). To find equivalent paid software packages, you would have to spend nearly $500 to $1,500 for various 3rd party applications (plus you might need Photoshop, another $500+). We do accept donations (goes towards sites expenses exceeding $250/month) as sponsor ads are not enough...



IMAGE PROCESSOR: Distort and manipulate the actual pixels of your images with web based tools like FishEye,  Blurring,  Brightener,  Contrasts,  B&W (not good for colored graphics, better for images with only a few colors),  Gray Scaling,  Negative,  Cropping,  Darkening,  Embossed,  Tile Mosaics (make it look like tiled art or really pixelized effects),  Resizing,  Twister (twisted around) and Waver (make wavy).

ADD TEXT: You have 2 choices here, one is for fancy 3D text effects or you can choose from a more standardized text style (hundreds of TTF fonts). Add neat text messages and saying to your photographs. Over 300 font styles to select from (some semitransparent).

FRAMER: Many realistic (actual photographs of painting and picture frames) frames you can choose to put around you photo. Your photo is resize to fit the frame (might be squeezed too much one way) or you can choose to have frame sized to the photo (this may affect the framing detail). A few of the frames are 3D CAD rendered.

YOUR FACE HERE: Put your face on another body! Many carnivals and amusement parks have stand up character cutouts where you put your head (face forward portrait shots are best) in a hole to make it look like your face is on the character for novelty photo shoots. Well now you can do this same effect online with your digital photos! Put your mug on a muscle bound body, Queen of England's body, Borg queen, Jesus Christ with your head, a geeks body, movie poster poses, TV show stars (Wonder Woman, Superman, etc), NASA astronauts in space, stick figures, religious entities (monk, Pope, Jesus Christ, St. Mary, etc), Musicians (50 cent, Marilyn Manson, Elvis Presley, Eminem, etc), celebrity bodies (Elvira, Marilyn Monroe, Olsen twins, etc), cartoon character figures (Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, etc), a woman's/man's body, etc! Similar to software found @ (except we are free, better resolutions, more templates offered and online without having to install anything) which costs at least $69.95 (there's a few other similar products that still do not have any where near the same amount of templates even combined)! Permite poner tu cara en 500 diferentes cuerpos (famosos y dibujos animados, gente rica, modelos, de la realeza, políticos, etc.). Check out all the body layouts for you to choose HERE.

BORDERS: Choose from many unique and neat borders to put over your image (photo is resized to fit border or you can choose to have border change sizing to suit your photo aspects). From barbed wire to your favorite snack food, many 3D rendered bordering layers (transparencies added).

SCRAPBOOKER: Well over 250 predesigned scrapbook layouts and backgrounds that you only need to add your picture and some personalized text (save and then go to text adding area, some areas designated for text are frame blanks or an obvious blank/clear area). This printable online digital scrapbooker generator is 100% free to use, web based internet scrapbooking that anyone can use. Kids as young as 11 years old are reported using this online digital scrapbooking tool! Even if you are a professional scrapper (with hundreds of dollars invested in tools and art supplies) who thinks this is too amateurish, you still may get layout ideas as there are hundreds of scrapbook layouts... Full layout thumbnail list HERE.

WORLD'S GREATEST: Make a certificate styled photo frame from over 250 premade templates, many occasions and types of The World's Greatest person. World's greatest mother, best father, best vacation, best player, be the world's greatest anything! Each template style has two layouts to choose from, landscape or portrait views.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: These are semitransparent (somewhat see through, partially transparent) layer effects that go over top your entire photo (usually will cover your entire image with an effect). Effects ranging from electrifying lightning strikes to wet water ripples. No need to buy 3rd party plug-ins for Photoshop!

COMIC MAKER: Choose a speech balloon or a thought bubble and resize/align it on your photograph. Also add in some text for a personal message. You can also add some cartoon characters from the people props section (Add Humanoid Figure).

PHOTO CARDS: Tons of templates (500 postcard overlays) to use with your photos for any occasion (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's/Father's Day cards, birthdays, New Years, love/romance, etc). Similar to the greeting postcards you can order from Walmart, but these are the freely created graphics and you have to print them yourself (great for photo printer with postcard stock for paper) or save the image to use on websites, web profiles, blogs or forums.

FAKE MAGAZINE COVERS: Choose from tons of magazine cover layouts (some fake parodies and some are actual real "photochopped" magazines) where you can insert your digital photograph to have your face/photo show up on the cover of mags like Rolligstone, TIME, People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, OH, Vogue, PlayBoy, National Geographic, MAD/CRACKED, Cosmo, Golf, Poker and many others! Make your girlfriend a cover girl on a modeling mag or your boyfriend a cover boy on a muscle mag! No need to pay $25 bucks at the state fair for your novelty faux magazine covers just so you could see what it would like to be on the cover of a published magazine. It's free to upload photos, download created images, add text headings and to add other effects, even "frame it" (virtually). Ponga a su nuevo cuerpo en un falsa tapa de revista (500 plantillas).

FUN TEMPLATES: Put your photo in a template of snow globes, crystal balls, Thanksgiving/Christmas greetings, TV sets, Most Wanted Poster, fake sports collector cards and more photo card templates for mashing up! Your photos can be either portrait or horizon layouts, but square images work the best. Photos are squeezed to fit area (or stretched if you are using smaller clipart, we suggest larger images), but you can do some adjustments of where the photo is placed (use mouse and highlight the rectangular area over the image appearance spot). Preview list of fun templates HERE.

IMAGE PROPS: Add interesting elements and props (theater/theatrical property) to your photos like everyday objects (Emmy Award, trophies, bling blings, space ships, joysticks, gaming systems, funny hats, cars, flowers, doll clothing, real unidentified flying objects/UFOs, etc) and fantasy graphics, like movie propz. Simple little embellishments can add more personalised characteristics to your images (and faked/forged fun to play tricks on friends). Full preview list of addable items HERE.

ADD HUMAN FIGURE: You can add famous people (celebrities like Britney Spears, hot models, Star Wars figures, science brainiacs, cute half dressed babes, presidential cut outs, politicians/candidates, actors like Neo/Matrix), game characters (Lara Croft, Sonic, Halo, PC/PS3/WII/PS2/etc), well known cartoon character cutouts (Simpsons, Looney Tunes, Anime, etc), devils/demons and other strange humanoid figures (robotic androids, extraterrestrial space creatures, horrific monster figures, humanoid ET aliens) to you photos to make it look like they were there with you! Full figures preview list is HERE.

FREEHAND DRAW: Use your mouse to sketch hand drawn doodles on your photos! Might make a nice future signature generator (add your hand written signature to documents), but would be best with a pen tablet (touch screen). You will be able to add customized shapes like rectangles/squares (filled or unfilled), ovals/circles (filled or unfilled), straight lines, gradient filled polygons, etc.

CALENDAR: Pick the year and month (monthly calendars only) and your photo will be the "center fold" for the month.


Coming Soon:

Mashup toys through your FaceBook, Flickr, MySpace, Blogger and another image storage site sharing accounts (serices that provide free mashable APIs with proper authorization). Working on a complete online photo editor package (you have already seen some parts of it). Dress Up (add clothing, glasses, hats, like doll makers), Mask Over Face (garbage bag to make anonymous pics, Halloween masks, etc), upload your own custom templates and props to share with the world, etc. Also we are working hard to come up with new ideas and templates (brain storming session in progress even as you read). Please bare with us while we get things together, we have only been working on this site for 3479 days since 2007-10-15.

Upload your photograph (use a large pic, approximately 500 pixels wide/high) and add special effects like water drops, bubble, snow globe, burning edges, framing/matting, and more. You can also add 3D text messages to your photos or comic like speech/thought bubbles to spruce up your images.

We suggest using a large photograph as smaller clipart will be stretched in a couple of the imaging tools (border maker and the framer, but unaffected in the comic stripper and special effect creator. You can even upload photos directly from your digital camera (limited to size of 512KB, my Sony makes JPG images of 1024X768 pixels and file size of approximately 400-500KB).

You can generate and personalized your own graphics and decorate your blogs, websites, friendster, facebook, myspace, blogger, and many more. You can even upload your picture and personalized your message to your close ones.

These tools are in BETA stages. They are fully working but the layout and extra features are lacking. We are currently working in this project and hope to be near complete by Halloween 2007 so keep coming back for updates!

Please link to us:
Upload a photograph to (photo tricks) and process your image online. Add neat and fun effects like movie set props, famous people, cartoon characters, resize, crop, add comic speech bubbles, and frames/borders and many other special effects! All generated images in these image generators are free to download or print out on your home computer!

Make thousands of free clipart images online (image generators) without having to install any software (web based applications)! You can make banners, buttons, forum avatars, comic strips, logos, blog pics, safety signs, email sigs, personal flags, vanity license plates, 3D text effects, gag pics, warning labels, book covers, e-cards, celebrity deface, brand name parody/satire, controversial pix, etc. We supply the basic picture layout, you supply the funny text (famous quotes, slogans, jokes) to customize the captions! BUY as personalized gifts (fridge magnets, postcards, stickers).

There are plenty of mesmerizing effects to choose from; you’ll have a lot of different options for your photos and find it hard to leave the special effects section alone.

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